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Are You Dust Safe?

Keep it clean. Keep it safe.
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Creating less dust makes controlling it way easier. Many common building materials like cement sheet do contain Silica so it’s crucial you do everything possible to minimise dust exposure. 

It’s time to take dust safety seriously. Be a leader, make change today.

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This helpful resource gives you a series of tips to take control of dangerous dust on the job site or in the workshop. Don’t leave it too late – grab your copy now to take control of hazardous dust! 

Being dust safe is in your best interest.


Learn. Be informed. Lead the way.


Take responsibility. Keep everyone healthy. Be proactive.


Eliminate liability and financial risks.


Find out today. 60 seconds now could save you A LOT down the track.

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Better knowledge will keep you, your team and your business safer. 

Here are some recommended articles to start with. Also visit your State’s Worksafe website as well as Worksafe Australia’s website. 


Aussie tradies at risk: Do not ignore the dangers of Silica dust

Silicosis. It’s one of the most deadly illnesses you can get and it comes from breathing in the dust from a range of very common building materials.  

Thousands of tradies across the country are at high risk of getting Silicosis. Does this include you?  Continue reading…


Hefty fines coming for all tradies who ignore dust safety precautions

As awareness of Silica dust continues to rise, businesses working with hazardous materials must act faster to control health risks and ensure all employees are safe.

The issue is so critical that hefty fines are being dished out to businesses that fail to introduce a higher and compliant standard of dust control. Continue reading…

Dust safety is GOOD for business.

Disclaimer: This information is not endorsed by any Work Health and Safety governing body and shouldn’t be interpreted as any form of legal or health advice. All regulatory and compliance enquiries must go to the relevant Worksafe organisation responsible for each region of Australia. All health-based enquiries should be discussed with and handled by a Medical Professional. Information provided on this page and within linked articles is accurate as of January 2020.

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