*Get up to $1,000 towards the cost of workplace health and safety items,
including M/H class dust extractors


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*Applicable to NSW residents only, Festool does not process the claims and all claims are processed through NSW SafeWork website.

Inspectors can issue prohibition notices to stop you from doing work that generates high levels of silica dust. If you don’t comply with a prohibition notice, PCBUs (employers) can face penalties up to $100,000.


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Are You Dust Safe?

Know the risks. Protect yourself & your workers.

Hazardous dust risks

  • How much do you know about the dust you generate?
  • Did you know there are different distinct classes of dust which could potentially harm you if inhaled?

This is your lungs when exposed to silica & other dust
Serious scarring of the lungs occurs when the sharp, respirable
particles are embedded into the lung tissue, causing severe difficulty breathing.

M Class

M/H Class Dust Extractors

Silica Exposure Monitoring

Disclaimer: This information is not endorsed by any Work Health and Safety governing body and shouldn’t be interpreted as any form of legal or health advice. All regulatory and compliance enquiries must go to the relevant Worksafe organisation responsible for each region of Australia. All health-based enquiries should be discussed with and handled by a Medical Professional. Information provided on this page are upto date as of January 2024.

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